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As a fashion student my days are filled with lots of working and interning, staying up till 2am to do homework (like I am doing now), and finding inspiration everywhere I look around New York City. As New Yorkers, we often don't experience some of the wonders of this city because well our lives are so hectic we don't have the time too. And also we wants to be associated with doing things that could be found on the agenda of a tourist. But this semester I decided that I would take the time and experience some of New York's many treasures. This city is filled with amazing museums and every Friday since the ending of August I have taken the time to visit one. I love museums because not only is a place to see wonderful pieces of art but also to learn and gain inspiration that can be vital for our fashion filled lives. I believe that it is very important to keep your engaged and to always experience and learn new things and museums are the perfect way to do that. So below I am going to list some of my favorite museums that I have visited these past couple and hope that you guys can feel just as enriched as I do.

1. MET
Now this is a classic and a museum that every person needs to visit in their lifetime, whether you live in New York or not. What I love most about this museum is there is always a cool new exhibit that can be explored. I got the opportunity to walk through the MET halls during the last week that its China: Through the Looking Glass exhibit was still up and I am so glad I didn't miss it because it was breathtaking. There was an entire dress made out of fine china. FINE CHINA! And you can experience all this by just paying $1 (that's right. pay no mind to their "suggested" amount and just pay what you want).

2. Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum
This was by far one of the funnest museums that I have ever been to! For starters when you by your ticket, you are given this larger than life pen that you can use to interact with the exhibits you will be seeing and also save your favorite art pieces and view later in the comfort of your own home. The exhibits here were very interesting from Pixar, to advertising posters, to futuristic architecture, to textiles, to this amazing spinning chairs. There was even this room where you can make your own wallpaper and creation will be projected onto all four walls. Lets just say I spent a good couple of hours in the museum, majority of that time spent in the wall paper room alone. 

(This wallpaper design in needed at my house)

4. Central Park
Now I know this is technically not a park but this Manhattan landmark is filled with so many beautiful things that I think it should be appreciated more. I was never the kind of person that looked deeply into the architecture of the building, but after walking through central park you really grow an appreciation of how things are made. And this park is ginormous that it took me two separate trips to even fully experience all of it. 

Highlight of my life

Other great museums include- Museum of the City of New York (which is also pay as you wish!), MOMA, The Morgan Library and Museum, The Frick Collection and the Jewish Museum.

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