What You Need in Your Closet This Fall

It seems that just as I was finally enjoying summer, BOOM, Labor Day snuck up on us like a ....... And just as quickly as it came, it quickly left. So with Labor Day now being in the past that means a few things. We can no longer wear white pants, school starts again, and we need to start prepping our fall wardrobes. This past fashion week earlier in the year gave us a glimpse on what we need to be in trend this fall and while there are lots of key items that Chanel, Valentino, and Alexander Wang are telling us we need in our closet this very moment, I decided to focus on one that I feel is not only attainable but important.

The Aran Knit. I love these kind sweaters for fall for many reasons. One being it is always essential to have a nice, big comfy knit in your closet. Two, this knit is great for layering and dressing for that annoying, in between weather when you don't know if you should wear your coat or flip flops. And three, who doesn't love a sweater in a beautiful cream or ivory?!

                        Coach                                                                                      Isabel Marant

                                             Michael Kors                                                                           Vera Wang


Discover more of this seasons key pieces here

Here is how you can get the same look for less!

                H&M $34.99                                                           J. Crew $88 with an additional 25% off

                     TopShop $330                                                                           Urban Outfitters $54

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  1. Loved your presentation in class...I will definitely buy a sweater like this asap!


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