Bye Bye Skinny Jeans??

Living in New York City and going to a fashion school, I am surrounded by AMAZING street style. It's to the point where every time I'm walking down the street to class or getting my morning coffee, I'm constantly questioning my own wardrobe because it's not nearly as cool as the people I see. So today I wanted to share just few great outfits that I saw (and was able to capture a picture of).

One major trend that I noticed on my hunt for great street style was pants. For so long skinny jeans dominated our wardrobes. They just refused to go away! There's nothing wrong with good pair of skinny jeans, but it's also incredibly refreshing seeing different styles on the street. From culottes, to cropped straight legs, to mom jeans, to leather joggers, I think it's finally time we put our skinny jeans on a much needed rest.

Along with interesting pants, other trends I noticed was vests and suede. Whether they complimented an outfit or worn as a dress all on their own, vests are definitely making a statement this fall. And suede is the IT fabric of the season. Its practically seen everywhere including above in a young girls pants and this girls jacket. If I were to say there was one must have for this fall, its suede, Suede, SUEDE! 

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  1. I think its so interesting to see other types of pants finally taking over skinny jeans! While I do like the way they look, I can never find a pair that fit nicely, so I'm excited to see other pants become more popular!


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