Bye Bye Skinny Jeans??

Living in New York City and going to a fashion school, I am surrounded by AMAZING street style. It's to the point where every time I'm walking down the street to class or getting my morning coffee, I'm constantly questioning my own wardrobe because it's not nearly as cool as the people I see. So today I wanted to share just few great outfits that I saw (and was able to capture a picture of).

One major trend that I noticed on my hunt for great street style was pants. For so long skinny jeans dominated our wardrobes. They just refused to go away! There's nothing wrong with good pair of skinny jeans, but it's also incredibly refreshing seeing different styles on the street. From culottes, to cropped straight legs, to mom jeans, to leather joggers, I think it's finally time we put our skinny jeans on a much needed rest.

Along with interesting pants, other trends I noticed was vests and suede. Whether they complimented an outfit or worn as a dress all on their own, vests are definitely making a statement this fall. And suede is the IT fabric of the season. Its practically seen everywhere including above in a young girls pants and this girls jacket. If I were to say there was one must have for this fall, its suede, Suede, SUEDE! 


Summer Is Over (insert sad face)

"What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness." -John Steinbeck. OK I know it's not even close to being winter yet however today I finally allowed myself to fully accept the fact that summer is officially over and my nine month long period of sadness begins. But it's ok! Even though the season has officially changed the warm summer weather is still lingering, begging not to be forgotten. So it was now or never to wear this dress that I recently got from Buffalo Exchange (my fav store ever!). Plus, I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art today and this dress makes me feel "artsy" so even though summer is over, I'm still happy.

Dress- Buffalo Exchange
Shoes- TopShop (find them here)
Bag- Cato (similar here)


What You Need in Your Closet This Fall

It seems that just as I was finally enjoying summer, BOOM, Labor Day snuck up on us like a ....... And just as quickly as it came, it quickly left. So with Labor Day now being in the past that means a few things. We can no longer wear white pants, school starts again, and we need to start prepping our fall wardrobes. This past fashion week earlier in the year gave us a glimpse on what we need to be in trend this fall and while there are lots of key items that Chanel, Valentino, and Alexander Wang are telling us we need in our closet this very moment, I decided to focus on one that I feel is not only attainable but important.

The Aran Knit. I love these kind sweaters for fall for many reasons. One being it is always essential to have a nice, big comfy knit in your closet. Two, this knit is great for layering and dressing for that annoying, in between weather when you don't know if you should wear your coat or flip flops. And three, who doesn't love a sweater in a beautiful cream or ivory?!

                        Coach                                                                                      Isabel Marant

                                             Michael Kors                                                                           Vera Wang


Discover more of this seasons key pieces here

Here is how you can get the same look for less!

                H&M $34.99                                                           J. Crew $88 with an additional 25% off

                     TopShop $330                                                                           Urban Outfitters $54


Bloggers Worth Following

As New York Fashion Week approaches, we are all digging deep into our closets looking for that one show stopping outfit that might get us noticed in front of the infamous tents. This is also the time we look to our favorite bloggers for that extra dose of fashion inspiration. But in world that seems to be over-saturated with bloggers it can be hard to find ones that are actually worth following. So today I have my top 3 favorite bloggers that I follow that I believe will not only let you see your closet in a new light but provide you with inspiration.

1. Mattieologie

As a young, black woman, I think it is very important to expose yourself to other beautiful black women who can inspire you in your day to day life. We live in a world where it can be hard to feel confident in your own skin when so often the perception of beauty if paired with lighter skin tones. Mattie James, owner of Mattieologie, is one of my favorite bloggers that is a women of color. She not only has great outfit posts, but also gives advice to enhance your own blog and has tutorial videos. What more can you ask for?!

2. Poor Little It Girl

Before I started Poor Girl Problems, there were many blogs that I followed, however Poor Little It Girl was one of my favorites. Just like me, her goal to showcase cute and stylish outfits that are also affordable. And the fact that she starts every one of her posts with lyrics from a song will also help contribute to your music library. 

3. Man Repeller

When it comes to all things fashion, humor, culture, and inspiration, Man Repeller is who I go to. What started out as small blog has grown into a huge website and I couldn't be more happy. Man Repeller is so much more than daily outfit posts but almost its own online magazine! And if you're interested, they also have internships (something every fashion student loves to hear!). 

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