Naomi Campbell's Fashion For Relief

"Every year the women of New York leave the past behind and look forward to the future... this is known as Fashion Week" -Carrie Bradshaw. Oohhh Fashion Week. That time of year where all self proclaimed fashionistas break out their baddest outfit, highest heel, and poutiest lip and embrace the fabulousness (I'm pretty sure that's a word) that will be taking place over the next 7 days. However, for a young fashion student, fashion week mainly means all black outfits and comfortable shoes, dressing 20 feet models in garments you can only dream of owning, and desperately trying to network with anyone and everyone. Yeah not so glamorous for us little people behind the scenes but everyone needs to start from somewhere right? Well Saturday night I got to hang up my volunteering shoes and put on heels instead because I was actually ATTENDING a show! Naomi Campbell was hosting Fashion For Relief for Ebola and there I was sitting front row next to J. Alexander. Ok actually I was sitting in the fifth row but still practically the same thing! The show was amazing and it felt great to be on the other side of the curtain for once. Here's to Fashion Week and the hopes that my back of house volunteering days will soon see an end! -Emilie

Here are some more pictures from the show

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