A Quick Breather

 "It always seems impossible, until its done." -Nelson Mandela
I am currently typing this blog post in the comfort of my bed, in sweats and a t-shirt, without the worry of when my next project is due or stressing about studying for an exam. And I must say, it feels AMAZING! That's right folks, I just completed my first semester of college. Well it technically ended about two weeks ago but the feeling is still very fresh! Walking into my first class at the Fashion Institute of Technology (which was Excel for Business, aka Death) I didn't know what to expect. The one clear thought that was in my head was, "Emilie, we are not in Pickerington anymore".
I always new that I loved fashion and had hopes of one day sitting front row at the Chanel Fall 20something runway show with Anna Wintour on one side and Linda Fargo on the other discussing what the trends for next season would be, but I never thought it could actually be a reality! But fortunately it is. At FIT I am studying Fashion Merchandising and I have grown to love this school so much. The art, the people, the street style, the intense projects (like creating an entire marketing plan for colored ketchup!) everywhere you turn there's inspiration. My classes are so relevant to what's going on in the industry now, I actually enjoy going to class. And what makes it even better is the location. Being able to actually live full time in New York City has allowed me to view this magical place in a completely new light. From the architecture, to the window displays, to the amazing food, there's a reason why people tolerate the crowded subways and overpriced cubby holes realtors claim are apartments.
Along with getting my education, I have gotten amazing work opportunities too. Volunteering at New York Fashion Week felt a lot more like play than work. I mean how can you complain when your job is to help dress gorgeous, french male models. That's right you can't! I also booked my first retail job at TopShop/Topman 5th avenue. Working at TopShop is a blessing and a curse because after I spend a long shift working the sales floor, I quickly grab my wallet and spend my entire paycheck on great clothing. Ooops.
But even though I loved every minute of this semester, going to school full time, while working a job, trying to network, commuting from Brooklyn to Manhattan everyday, and finding time to sleep and pee was very exhausting and I am more than happy to have a break. But this is the city that never sleeps so I know this break will be short lived *sigh*. Now that I've gotten through the first semester, I cannot wait to share my developing New York Style with my fellow Poor Girls.
Until next time,


Stick with the Basics

"I like my money right where I can see it... Hanging in my closet." -Sarah Jessica Parker. Do you ever look into your closet (which is well stocked with clothes) and think "Wow, I have nothing to wear! Yes we all have. And we then proceed to look through every piece of clothing we own just to come to the conclusion that what we have is not sufficient enough and it's time for another shopping trip. Well that was me this morning, and every other morning. But rather than stressing over what amazing outfit I need to put together, I decided to stick with the basics. Over-sized white button up, light wash jeans and some wedges. Simple but very effective. -Emilie

Top- Forever 21
Jeans- PacSun
Wedges- Payless
Purse- Forever 21 


Red, White and Bloom

"She who is brave is free." -Unknown. Independence Day has always been one of my favorite holidays; everything is so vibrant and everyone is so festive. I especially love how creative people get with their red, white, blue and star-spangled outfits. It really is amazing to see how many different looks three colors can make. Happy 4th everyone and let freedom ring! -Lynn

Top- JC Penney
Skirt- Aeropostale
Shoes- Journey's


Cheap and Comfortable

"Fashion has two purposes: comfort and love. Beauty comes when fashion succeeds." -Coco Chanel. This outfit has become one of my favorites for two reasons. 1. These are the most comfortable pair of pants I own. I honestly believe I bought a pair of pajama pants and I'm just making an excuse to wear them out in public. And the second reason why I love this outfit, the shirt only cost $1! Yes the zipper was broken in the back but that's nothing a little needle and thread can't fix. And it was $1, how could you not add that to your shopping cart! Cheap and comfortable, this outfit definitely has a special place in my heart. -Emilie

Top- Marshall's
Pants- Forever 21
Flats- Forever 21


New York Minute

So over this past weekend I took a nice little trip to the beautiful place known as New York City. Whenever I'm down there, I never fail to have a fun spending time with family and having adventures in the city. Here are just a few snap shots from my weekend. -Emilie

Strawberry Champagne Macaroons from the Brooklyn Bridge Flee Market

9/11 Memorial

Just a beautiful view along the East River


Black and White

"Buy Less. Choose Well." -Vivienne Westwood. One thing I've noticed that I do while I'm shopping is I don't look for just a cute shirt or skirt that I will wear maybe once, but a good statement piece that can be worn in many different ways. I mean lets be real, when you have a limited budget, you need to make the most out of it! That's why I love this white leather vest. For just $13 online, this vest can make any outfit go from drab to fab in a matter of seconds, and I've definitely put it to good use. So next time you guys go shopping, listen to the voice of Vivienne Westwood in your head. Try looking for that great statement piece to upgrade your wardrobe. Trust me, they'll be know buyers remorse after this purchase. -Emilie

Vest- Forever 21
Romper- Forever 21
Shoes- Forever 21
Purse- Forever 21
Ring- Forever 21 (for only 99 cents!)

Yeah I shop at Forever 21 a lot.


Island Touch

"Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them." -Marc Jacobs. Emilie and I try really hard to find different places to take pictures, to keep our backgrounds interesting because rows and rows of identical houses just aren't going to cut it. But that's a lot easier said than done living in central Ohio, or as anyone not from central Ohio would say, the Middle of Nowhere. However, we did find some tropical looking plants and wannabe palm leaves while driving around. I know, we really fooled you into believing we actually were on an island though, right? I guess these pictures prove that Ohio isn't all farm land and corn fields- just mostly. -Lynn

Dress- local thrift store
Shoes- Burlington Coat Factory
Blouse- Target
Necklace- Burlington Coat Factory


Suburban Queen

"Fashion is about something that comes from within you." -Ralph Lauren.  Ahhhh it's once again that time of the year when the weather is perfect everyday and dresses will become my new uniform. It's Summer! (Well almost, we still have three more days till the "official" start but who's counting) And to me nothing screams summer more than a vibrant shirt dress and comfortable sandals. Add in a head scarf and I am now ready to face the summer heat. My sister told me that my look made me resemble an African queen, which I took as a huge compliment. But living in Ohio, African queen didn't seem like the right title. Suburban Queen, now that sounds more like me. -Emilie

Dress- H&M
Shoes- Marshall's
Scarf- Kohl's  

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