Emilie's Summer Essentials!!

Although it is not exactly June 21st, Summer has officially started!! From no school to bonfires, vacations, swimming and for me New York City, summer is by far my favorite season (I'm pretty sure I've said that about every season). Now with the new weather summer weather, must come a new summer wardrobe! However, there is no need to break the bank on a new closet. All you need is a few pieces to transform your entire look! 
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1. Maxi Dress- I love the maxi dress! It comes in handy on so many occasions. Whether you want to look casual with a t-shirt over top or you want to dress it up with some wedges and a blazer, or in my case, when you're too lazy to shave your legs, a maxi dress is a life saver and perfect for summer! Forever 21- $20
2. Screen Top- Summer is about a fun and relaxing, which is also the definition of a screen top. These shirts are so much fun and will turn you into a "hipster" in seconds. Perfect for an indie music festival or just a day out, a screen top is definitely a must-have. Etsy- $8
3. Wedges- At first, because of my height, I used to HATE wearing wedges. But now I've learned to embrace them. Not only do they make your legs look amazing, but they're an easy way to vamp up any outfit. Charlotte Russe- $33
4. Printed Shorts- We are done with the boring, plain, jean short! This summer is all about prints and what better way to wear it than on your shorts. Whether you buy them or unleash your creative side and do some DIY, printed shorts is a definite plus to your summer wardrobe. $19
5. Crop Top- Looks like we have been taken back a decade because the crop top is back! I love this shirt because it's an easy way to show skin without looking too.... well you know. You can pair this with some high waisted shorts or a skater skirt. $12
6. Fun Sunnies- Everyone knows that we need to protect those eyes when the sun comes out, so why not protect while looking stylish at the same time! Enough with boring black frames, don't be afraid to add some color, be creative with shapes, or even try some reflective sunglasses. Claire's- $12
7. Little White Dress- We all know about the little black dress, but what about the little white dress? Serves the exact same purpose as the black dress except it is white. Just no spagetti while wearing this dress. TopShop- $30
8. Messengar Bag- A messengar bag is exactly what us Poor Girls need to carry all of our stuff that we claim we "need". Forever21- $30
9. Wrist Watch- If you're like me, you are not a fan a big ugly watch sitting on your wrist. I mean who needs a watch when you have your cell phone right?! However with all the recent thefts of cell phones lately, I'm starting to realize that my life is not worth taking my phone out to check the time. And with cute, new watches like this one from wetseal, they just might become my favorite accessory. Wetseal- $23

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