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As a fashion student my days are filled with lots of working and interning, staying up till 2am to do homework (like I am doing now), and finding inspiration everywhere I look around New York City. As New Yorkers, we often don't experience some of the wonders of this city because well our lives are so hectic we don't have the time too. And also we wants to be associated with doing things that could be found on the agenda of a tourist. But this semester I decided that I would take the time and experience some of New York's many treasures. This city is filled with amazing museums and every Friday since the ending of August I have taken the time to visit one. I love museums because not only is a place to see wonderful pieces of art but also to learn and gain inspiration that can be vital for our fashion filled lives. I believe that it is very important to keep your engaged and to always experience and learn new things and museums are the perfect way to do that. So below I am going to list some of my favorite museums that I have visited these past couple and hope that you guys can feel just as enriched as I do.

1. MET
Now this is a classic and a museum that every person needs to visit in their lifetime, whether you live in New York or not. What I love most about this museum is there is always a cool new exhibit that can be explored. I got the opportunity to walk through the MET halls during the last week that its China: Through the Looking Glass exhibit was still up and I am so glad I didn't miss it because it was breathtaking. There was an entire dress made out of fine china. FINE CHINA! And you can experience all this by just paying $1 (that's right. pay no mind to their "suggested" amount and just pay what you want).

2. Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum
This was by far one of the funnest museums that I have ever been to! For starters when you by your ticket, you are given this larger than life pen that you can use to interact with the exhibits you will be seeing and also save your favorite art pieces and view later in the comfort of your own home. The exhibits here were very interesting from Pixar, to advertising posters, to futuristic architecture, to textiles, to this amazing spinning chairs. There was even this room where you can make your own wallpaper and creation will be projected onto all four walls. Lets just say I spent a good couple of hours in the museum, majority of that time spent in the wall paper room alone. 

(This wallpaper design in needed at my house)

4. Central Park
Now I know this is technically not a park but this Manhattan landmark is filled with so many beautiful things that I think it should be appreciated more. I was never the kind of person that looked deeply into the architecture of the building, but after walking through central park you really grow an appreciation of how things are made. And this park is ginormous that it took me two separate trips to even fully experience all of it. 

Highlight of my life

Other great museums include- Museum of the City of New York (which is also pay as you wish!), MOMA, The Morgan Library and Museum, The Frick Collection and the Jewish Museum.


How to Conquer Black Friday

Ok ladies and gentlemen! It's officially that time of year again. Comfy pants and shoes? Check. Hair tied back? Check. Credit card ready? Check. It's Black Friday! Now for many people in this world, Black Friday is just another holiday created by retailers in attempt to get us inside their stores again. But for shopaholics on a budget like you and me, the weekend after thanksgiving is what we've been preparing for. Black Friday and Cyber Monday is when you can get the things you've always wanted at the deal of a lifetime. However, it can also be pretty stressful (long lines, empty shelves, psychotic shoppers). That is why I composed a little list below on how you can get the most bang for your tiny buck and conquer Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

1. Do Your Research. Before leaving your house early Friday morning, see what stores are having the best sales for the things you want. Often what may seem like a good deal can be found even better at another store. Websites like Black Friday AdsAmazon, and Price Grabber are great tools see what stores have what deals and where you can find things even cheaper. By doing a little research before the big shopping day you can save yourself a lot of time and money!

2. Have a Shopping List. Many people go into Black Friday with specific item in mind like a T.V. or new fridge. This helps them to concentrate on getting what you need without being distracted by everything else going on around you. This is the same for clothes. Having a list of items you are looking for or if you're doing your holiday gift shopping, who you're shopping for, will help keep you focused and better your chances of getting what you want. If you go blind it's easy to get overwhelmed by all the mayhem and end up with nothing. So even if your list is a simple as Boots, Jeans, and a new scarf for mom, it will make your day that much easier. This goes for shopping online during Cyber Monday too!

3. Wear Comfy Clothes. To me, shopping on Black Friday is equivalent to going to the gym, so you need to dress the part. This is no time to where your stiletto heels and new wool coat but rather leggings, sneakers and zip up hoodies. Stores get pretty crowded and the last thing you want to happen is your feet being in agonizing pain and you're sweating enough to fill a bath tub.

4. Make Friends in Line. This is when High School Musical's "We're All In This Together" should be on repeat on your phone. Making friends in line is beneficial for a couple reasons. One is those lines can be looonnggggg so having a little buddy that you can chit chat with will allow the time to go by much faster. Also if you need to step out of line quickly for any reason, your new best friend will graciously hold your spot for you preventing you from going way in the back again.

5. Shop Online! A lot of the times we don't even need to leave the comfort of our own beds to get the amazing Black Friday deals. If you know your sizing and is comfortable waiting a few extra days to show off your new look to the office,then online shopping may be the way for you. Cyber Monday is also great if you're comfortable shopping online because often there's even BETTER deals on the Cyber Monday then there is on Black Friday and once again, you don't even need to shower to experience it.

These are just a few tips and pointers on how you can make your Black Friday shopping much more enjoyable. If these tips worked for you or you have others that you like to add to this list please help out your fellow Poor Girls and comment them below!

Happy Shopping Everyone!

Lookbooks- Tracy Reese Resort '15

If you are a proclaimed fashion lover and does not know what a lookbook is, well prepared to get educated. Lookbooks are probably one of my favorite things about a new collection coming out. A designer will prepare a lookbook, which by definition is a series of photographs displaying a designers new collections, to market to potential buyers and customers. The great thing about a lookbook is you can imagine how the designer themselves visualized the clothes to be worn and even gain some great outfit inspiration! Seeing an outfit on a hanger in a department store vs. seeing put together on a beautiful model just changes the whole game and that is why lookbooks are so necessary. One lookbook in particular I'm going to talk about today (well tonight since its about 11 o'clock at night where I'm at) is from Tracy Reese Resort 2015. Now I kind of have a close connection with this brand and it's lookbook because while I interned there in the spring I actually helped put together our Fall/Winter 2015 lookbook (which was AMAZING). Seeing these dresses styled on the models and not hanging on the showroom floor really changed the whole garment and gave a deeper level of appreciation for them.

Images found on


Trunk Show: Stuart Weitzman Spring Summet 2015

A trunk show is what I would like to consider as being a secret treasure in the fashion industry. By definition a trunk show is a sales event for showing merchandise to staff or select customers but really it is a unique, personal experience for VIP customers to get to know one of their favorite brands in a whole new way. Stuart Weitzman is no stranger to trunk shows. For many years Stuart has offered his customers a unique shoe shopping experience like no other. This past spring, customers were given an exclusive preview of the spring/summer collection they were able to order on the spot in a range of 66 different sizes and widths allowing them to find the PERFECT shoe. Shoe designs will be hand-crafted by artisans and delivered right to the customer's door. This event allowed the Stuart Weitzman customer to experience first hand the level of quality and craftsmanship the brand is known for. So even if Stuart Weitzman isn't your favorite brand, do some research and you can find yourself experiencing something amazing!


Diane Von Furstenberg | Spring 2016 Fashion Show

Looking back on the overwhelming amount of runway shows showcased this past month, it was very hard to pick a favorite. However one show that I could not help but fall in love with was Diane Von Furstenberg. Diane herself named her show "Fortuna", inspired by the Roman goddess and described her show as a celebration of nature, beauty, freedom and individuality. While watching the show, those words spoken by Diane could not have been more true. The collection featured lightweight, flowy garments that had me begging to just skip winter all together and head right into spring. From jumpsuits, to maxi dresses to her signature wrap dress, every garment in this show would leave you feeling like a Roman goddess when worn. Each silohuette was effortless and sexy while still being very wearable for the everyday. The pastel hues of pinks, purples, and blues also added another feminine touch to the overall collection. Not only were the girls fabulous but Diane made sure to have an A list roster of models wearing her clothes. From Karlie Kloss who opened the show to Kendall Jenner, GiGi and Bella Hadid, Jourdan Dunn, new it model Binx Walton and many more, this was definitely the show to see all your favorite models in action. The one thing I can say that is somewhat negative about the show is while I love me some Hotline Bling by Drake and Nicki Minaj, the music did not go very well with the show. It was very abrupt and a bit of distraction to the amaziness (yes I just made that a word) happening on stage. All in all, This show gets an A+ from me!


In Living Color

One of the most important things in fashion is color. Color is the first thing you notice when you're shopping for garment. It's the first thing designers think of when designing their new collection. It's what establishes an overall trend for the season. And it's how us Poor Girls can get away with staying on trend without breaking the bank. Today I'm going to show you two of this seasons color palettes that will make sure you're fall ready until the first snow hits the ground.

Warm Spices

This palette from is all about warm, rich tones that not only remind you of your pumpkin spice latte and color changing leaves but gives a perfect transition from summer to fall. With marsala being the "it" color of the season, it falls perfectly within this palette.

Get This Look

Forever 21 Shirt Dress                                                               Urban Outfitters Plaid Flare Skirt

H&M Knit Sweater                                                                         TopShop Midi Dress

Glacier Spa

A little different from the warmer tones we saw above but equally as important is the palette filled with pastel, minimal colors. The light pinks and blues paired with ivory and slate gray help define the minimalism trend that is very forthcoming this season. If you wish to achieve a sleek, chic look this fall, stick with these colors and you can't go wrong. 

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H&M Sweater Dress                                                                      TopShop Sleeveless Tailored Jacket

Express Kimono Sleeve Top                                               Forever 21 Long Slit Blazer (also in cream)


Runway Analysis: Balmain Spring/Summer 2016

As fashion month comes to a close (), it's time we look back at some of the shows that are paving the path for our wardrobes this spring. Though there were many shows that made me go "STOP I need that now!" I'm gonna focus on one in particular today: Balmain.

If there is one word that comes to mind when I think of Olivier Rousteing and Balmain it's sexy. And I was not disappointed after watching their spring/summer 16 show via livestream on Thursday. Not only was the runway filled with sexy clothes but curvy women, or as GiGi Hadid would say, women with boobs, butts, abs, and thighs! This collection was teeming with lots of form fitting pencil skirts and column gowns, wide belt cinched waists, knitted bodysuits, and exposed skin; all key components in making any woman feel like a bombshell. While risque cutouts and fishnets ruled, ruffles were a huge statement on the Balmain catwalk, seen on trousers, long sleeve blouses and dresses. These ruffles added a very feminine touch to the hard and sexy aesthetic of the collection. Balmain also reminded us that yes, suede is the textile of the season in case anyone dared to argue otherwise. Along with suede, leather, crocheted knit fabrics, and macrame (an elaborately patterned lacelike webbing made of handknotted cord,yarn, or the like) gowns filled the runway. While we saw some color in jewel tones such as emerald green and ruby red, the main color palette in this collection consisted of chocolate browns, caramels and other nude tones. 

Here were some of my favorite looks. 

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